Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The truth on relegion

Now in the year 37BCE. Marry who was only sixteen years of age was visited by an Angel of God came to Marry and was told she would have a child, Marry said how is this to happen for I have never been with man. The Angel spoke You have been found worthy of Gods love and will bring fourth his son and you will name him Jesus. Now Marry said to the Angel if it is Gods well then I will be your servant. And the Holy Spirit fell upon her now Marry had a cousin who’s Name was Elizabeth who was quit old and was barren and she to was with child not both Elizabeth and Marry had there babies about the same time because when Marry came to Elizabeth the child inside Elizabeth leaped with joy, Now in the Bible it makes it look like John the Baptist is older but he and Jesus were the same age and so when Jesus came to the river Jordon to be Baptized John new Jesus as his Second Cousin so it was now surprise when Jesus came to be Baptized for Jesus was told by God to go and be Baptized so he did as he was told disobedience was not in Jesus. At a very young age Jesus new why he was here and what purpose he was here to do the Hebrew people new also but God put blinders on there eyes so they could not see Jesus as he truly was the son of God . Through out the teaching of Jesus he taught nothing but love and respect to your fellow man, but man still today has not learned that message. Four thousand years have past but yet mankind has learn nothing but. Over and over he taught what we are to do but yet man keeps failing In the Holy scriptures it was written thou shell not judge other or thou shalt be judge as you judge. Now Jesus as us how many times do you forgive your brother we said seven time he said seventy times seven now this means we are to forgive others for sins but we keep pointing fingers at people. Have we learned No we have not! We are nothing but ingrates He went to the cross to for give us but we keep hate in our hearts so how can God love people who hate? Love was the under writing of his message and we don’t even love our selves so how can God love us. John and Jesus both taught love but yet man has turned our back on everything that is in the Bible. Money has become our God, The Priest have not learned nothing they still get money for something that Jesus said give it freely for I give it to you freely the word of God. But the Church still ask for money do you know why the priest back in Jesus day needed money because they were disowned by there family because the church is not to make money to preach the word that is why when Jesus turned over the tables he was made. Because they were braking the laws of the torah.