Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Disabled Actors

Disability Actors
Written By Sandie Crisp
There are more than 600 Disabled actors in the guild but not even a third of them are working, The Guild keep taking our money but never help us get work or even agents . The so called A list has monopolized the entire business no one under the A list can get the breaks they pay into the Union for . How many of you get Voice over work this is were you speak and are not seen, I would guess non of you. Even get a chance or are sent out for the job. The Union takes and takes but do they even do anything for the disabled Performers? I have sent my Head shoot to All the Agents on the list and not one will sign me I can sing , Act, voice ( Spanish, Italian, French, ) but yet I do not get an Agent. Tell me has the business come to the point that greed, is all they want not Talent every time I go to A union meeting we get A twenty minutes of talking about our pension and what the stock market is doing Acting is not about the stock market. It is about talent, most of us well never see any money from a Pension, the stock market is not everything in life and I do not feel it has anything in the acting business. We pay into the union to work not to keep going to meeting just to hear about were we are in getting our pension. We are in the business to and we as actors want the same chance to work as any one. On Glee there is a person in a wheelchair who doesn’t need it why can’t a real disabled person play that part? We as disabled performers need to stick together and stand up to the producers of these shows and tell them we want to work! We do not want to be on Government assisted we want the chance and expect the same chance to do so.

Thank You
Sandie Crisp

Friday, February 24, 2012

Spiritual Reckoning

Written By Rev. Sandie Crisp

Many of you think that just because you are saved that is all you need , No there is more. As a Christian you must see the power of the cross , When Jesus spoke to his disciples , he said who I am sending you someone who will Baptize you with fire . Well the Holy spirit is in fact the spirit of God (Jesus) to many people think it is just a spirit we have so see that God is still trying to talking to us . Now days ago the US military burned the Koran the Koran is in fact their version of the Bible I have read the Koran and it the same thing as our Bible . Today on SBN one of the teachers John Rosensteren said that the Koran was a fiction book Witch is not true it is their version of the Bible .I Feel that the world need to wake up the military doesn’t care if it is the Bible or any other religious book if they can cause conflict the only thing they want to do is to make people mad at the US. We need to let the leaders know if we want our religious freedoms thin we must let others , have theirs . The United States needs to respect others and as for our preachers they need to read other books other than the English version of the Bible . Jesus went to other lands after the crucifixion not just in the Eastern part of the world, Jesus went through out the world he appeared to all the land. He appeared to the antics as well as the Indians , speck about the great spirit early Hawaiian spoke of a grand spirit we must realize Jesus did not just speck to one race of people if you understand Jesus is God in the flesh he went out and told people about how he wanted us to act . Religion is just that they made Jesus into a business Christ is not , a thing to make money off of the church collects more money then the United States in come tax . And they are under a non- profit then why are they selling books CD Tapes and they make money. And while they preach they tell people how to vote on what is on the ballot Under the 501 C 3 IT states not to speak on anything that deals with any state issue the church is always trying to speak why isn’t the secretary of state. The church need to under stand that they are to preach on the word of God and stop Bragging on what they do ( Jesus ) said not to be a braggarts you are to be humble . Jesus did not go around telling people look what I did over in Cannon or any other part of the region He ( Jesus) did his fathers work with out prays Jesus only wanted you to love him and to realized that he is God. It says in Malachi we are to preach the gospel for free and to help others by giving to those who are poor! Not make a buck off of the word of God ….

Thursday, February 23, 2012


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Thursday, February 16, 2012

one of my memories

Back in the Eighties I was one of the West Hollywood Club Kids , Back thin we had the oddyssie bar It was like Los Angeles Answer to Club 54 we had every one from the Hollwood Starr makers to the stars them selfies. It was one of those night I saw A person who broke my heart Kristy MacNichols who I was in love with as a child. I just started working there when see came in with her girlfriend they sat down and asked for a drink, I told Kristy That I would not sever her she asked why? I told her do you remember me she said no why sould I Took off my wig and said back when I was sixteen you gave me a wrong number. I tried to call you , but I guess I was not good enough for her to even be a friend. Thats when I knew Hollywood was unkind to people like me. Soon after that I meet her brother who told me her problem she only liked women well I told him I wanted to be a women, All my friends were transexuals. My mother said thats why you want to be one of those kind of people She said God dose'nt make misstakes he gave me two boys I tryed to tell her it has nothing to do with God I have known since I was 4 years old. So did my Grandmother when she tryed to tell my mother she called my grandmother crasy, you see my mother did not want to be wrong. So When People make fun of me and treat me like I am Not as good as them I say I was born the same way you were and I AM going to die the same way.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Acting clas introduction

Many of you think being show business is fun. In fact show business is one of the hardest thing to be in. One out of thirty ever make it in this life. Day after you wait for that phone call or to be noticed while you are out. But more than not you will end up doing. Something other than show business , many Actors end up as waiters of ushers at theatre. Acting is in fact a challenging business to get into. While you wait for that door to open you must work on your craft , Memorization is the hardest thing to learn each one of you are going to be tested on how well you can remember the written word . Several of you will fail at first but with work we will bring you up to the caliber to go one auditions this is a six month Corse there will be days you want to quit but be patient no actor that is working to day got the job the first time out, having the right study ethics’ and learn. You are selling a product that product is you. You can look like a beautiful girl or a hansom man but with out the training of acting . You are just that . Now today we are going to have you read anything you wish out load in front of the class as if you were on a addiction . Do not panic nerves are a part of acting anytime you think your nerves are not there you are sadly mistaken. Nerves are always going to be a part of the business . Many of you might be in commercials , no one get the starring role right at first unless you are what the director is looking for remember the director is the boss on set he has an idea of what the movie is to be . Many times the director rewrites the script after the writers wrote the script many times before the actor receive it to get a scene just right. Now on stage it is close to what movies are excepted on stage if you make a mistake you can’t re do the shoot that is why rehearsal are very important never miss one . When some of you might get a chance to be on Broadway in New York city . That is an Honor to work on those stages. Musical Theatre is one of the hardest crafts in the business , remembering song as well as spoken work. In this class we are going to mold you to act sing as well as dance you have different teachers for each step of the cores . At the end we will put on a performance for family and friends as well as directors in the business . Casting Directors are the go between the director and you The PA helps you prepare for you scene and get you to the set. Or stage each place the PA is the life line to your sanity . On many location shoots you will be given a chance to have a trailer in witch you get dressed and then are taken to a make-up Trailer where you are transformed into the charter you are playing in the scene. Remember always be prepared at all times.