Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Cry of the Gay Community

The human need for love comes from the need of exception and with this need, comes the journey to find it. We as humans need the feelings of touch, smell, sight, now the homosexuals life style has been portrayed badly by some with the practice of having sex any where they see fit. That is not common in all homosexual, some of us want that one true love. In our life’s to spend the rest of our life with. Yes the gay community has a pride parade and There since of sexual content in it and it is wrong to show sexuality in public and I know that. There are some who are not growing as fast as others. When Jesus first came to earth did people change right then and there? No in fact they mock him they did not believe that he was God. They went to the point of having him killed. It was not until two hundred years after Jesus went to heaven did any one believe in him many of the Jewish people are still looking for the Messiah are we going over to tell them that there ancestry shows they put him to death. Yes but still many of them still do not believe. It says in The Bible that the Jewish people must come to know him before he returns. But a sex act buy a some of us have problems. I agree that the act of sodomy is not right but what choice do we have no matter what we do will not be enough. We love The lord of lord and king of kings (Jesus) said that he did not come to heal those who do not need him but for them who do. Sex is to reproduce and we are aware that we can not reproduce, but dose that mean we can not love are we to go through live with out love at all. Talked about a crewel act of humanity, Jesus died for sin we were washed by his blood. And as long as we believe in him we are saved but man has the problem with this. How can man judge us when Jesus as well as God has forgiven us. Can mankind wait and listen to what their heart tells them. Not what other tell them to think. Some of us want what you have and that is to love some one also. For many years woman did not have a voice in the church or vote they were told they could not preach but now we have many great preachers who are women. In many religions they still are not able to Preach. But they still teach there children what to believe, Mothers have been the preachers of the house holds for many centuries. Now they are the leaders of churches Joyce Mayors, and Frances Swaggert are now just two of the biggest ministers of today. As well as Gloria Copland now if we followed the laws that are in the Bible they could not preach! But they are preachers and are following God’s word. All we want is the understand that even though we have a condition that limits us in reproducing offspring we still love God. And we do understand our lifestyle is not one of comfort but we are still children of God.
Many painting show Jesus with long hair and covered like women wore there head covering and it says in 1 Corinthian it say men hair should be short and women’s hair be long and covered so was Jesus doing what was out of the normal why of doing things or was he showing that even he did not agree with mans law. The word fornication is to have sex out of marriage. We can show that he fought for many things out of what the church told him to do as a child he made sparrows on the Sabbath but yet you are not going to tell God what he can do on a day you are to worship him it is his day to be worshiped then why would you tell God how and who to love. The homosexual world we raise money for others we help other who are sick, and we to love God. For many years Negros were looked as different but now we except the all we want is to be excepted as children of God we have the same problems as you do we cry when we are sad we feel just like you, in many subjects we want the ability to love and to have the same opportunity in life to do the same thing you do the laws of years and years ago when the people were trying to populate the world. And to get out of oppression of rule from the Romans they fought for what they believed and they felt singled out to be less than the Romans this is how we feel we are no less a child of God than you we want our right to worship the God of our fathers and of our hearts. We do not want any other rights then you have.

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