Friday, April 13, 2012

fact of Gods words

One thousand years before and after Jesus there, were many books written, about? Jesus in point the childhood of Jesus as well as his teen years. Many of these books were band by the early Church some spoke on his many childhood growing we will say ups and downs even though Jesus was in fact the child of God even he tested the waters of what he could get away through. Joseph his earthly father reported a time were Jesus was in fact a very out spoken child. At the time of his birth he knew he was the son of God. At one point Jesus on the Sabbath were seen making blue birds out of the earth. When he was told that this was against the Jewish law he let the birds fly away. Thin there was a time that a childhood friend who was playing on the roof when the young man fell off the roof and died when Jesus brought him back to life Jesus as the young man did I push you off the roof? The young man stated no. Joseph his earthly father said to Jesus we have been trying to keep you alive ever since you were born the King of Rome wanted you dead. A man named Morison who was a religion man he took everything in our Bible then he read the Jewish Bible and found the God that was in the Jewish Bible was mean and a Jealous God and not the God that Jesus taught about. Jesus taught of passion and love not hell and damnation. There were over twenty four books that were left out of the cannon of our Bible that we know second and third letter of John as well as the second letter of Peter as well as the secret teachings of Mark at one point in Mark it tells of Jesus Raising a young man of 19 years old who was dead that Jesus brought back to life, In the fourth Chapter of Mark it reads that this young man fell in love with Jesus. Showed up late at night. Wearing nothing but a sheet. They spent the night together then it go’s to another part of the city but what happened. Now I’ am not saying anything happened sexually but we as humans do not know if sex will be in heaven. And every time Jesus said I am doing my fathers work it seemed that Joseph and his mother Marry kept stopping him we as human have the defiance to protect our children but Jesus know from the start who he was and what his job was. He was to be born grow and teach his fathers word the right way since the priest were not doing it right just like today every priest has there own out look on what is written. Jesus knew he was to dye and when he was teaching his disciples they wanted a fighter to take on the Romans and save them but that was not what Jesus had in mind. There is an old saying you can draw more flies with Honey than with salt. This mean Loves concurs all but man of to day still have not learned. What Jesus Taught they keep putting there own thoughts into what Jesus Taught instead of listing to what God (Jesus) said they are not God, Man need to but out and let God do his job man is not to judge man if you keep it up we will never get the chance to see heaven. Let the lord do what he has said he would.

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