Monday, February 13, 2012

Acting clas introduction

Many of you think being show business is fun. In fact show business is one of the hardest thing to be in. One out of thirty ever make it in this life. Day after you wait for that phone call or to be noticed while you are out. But more than not you will end up doing. Something other than show business , many Actors end up as waiters of ushers at theatre. Acting is in fact a challenging business to get into. While you wait for that door to open you must work on your craft , Memorization is the hardest thing to learn each one of you are going to be tested on how well you can remember the written word . Several of you will fail at first but with work we will bring you up to the caliber to go one auditions this is a six month Corse there will be days you want to quit but be patient no actor that is working to day got the job the first time out, having the right study ethics’ and learn. You are selling a product that product is you. You can look like a beautiful girl or a hansom man but with out the training of acting . You are just that . Now today we are going to have you read anything you wish out load in front of the class as if you were on a addiction . Do not panic nerves are a part of acting anytime you think your nerves are not there you are sadly mistaken. Nerves are always going to be a part of the business . Many of you might be in commercials , no one get the starring role right at first unless you are what the director is looking for remember the director is the boss on set he has an idea of what the movie is to be . Many times the director rewrites the script after the writers wrote the script many times before the actor receive it to get a scene just right. Now on stage it is close to what movies are excepted on stage if you make a mistake you can’t re do the shoot that is why rehearsal are very important never miss one . When some of you might get a chance to be on Broadway in New York city . That is an Honor to work on those stages. Musical Theatre is one of the hardest crafts in the business , remembering song as well as spoken work. In this class we are going to mold you to act sing as well as dance you have different teachers for each step of the cores . At the end we will put on a performance for family and friends as well as directors in the business . Casting Directors are the go between the director and you The PA helps you prepare for you scene and get you to the set. Or stage each place the PA is the life line to your sanity . On many location shoots you will be given a chance to have a trailer in witch you get dressed and then are taken to a make-up Trailer where you are transformed into the charter you are playing in the scene. Remember always be prepared at all times.

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