Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Disabled Actors

Disability Actors
Written By Sandie Crisp
There are more than 600 Disabled actors in the guild but not even a third of them are working, The Guild keep taking our money but never help us get work or even agents . The so called A list has monopolized the entire business no one under the A list can get the breaks they pay into the Union for . How many of you get Voice over work this is were you speak and are not seen, I would guess non of you. Even get a chance or are sent out for the job. The Union takes and takes but do they even do anything for the disabled Performers? I have sent my Head shoot to All the Agents on the list and not one will sign me I can sing , Act, voice ( Spanish, Italian, French, ) but yet I do not get an Agent. Tell me has the business come to the point that greed, is all they want not Talent every time I go to A union meeting we get A twenty minutes of talking about our pension and what the stock market is doing Acting is not about the stock market. It is about talent, most of us well never see any money from a Pension, the stock market is not everything in life and I do not feel it has anything in the acting business. We pay into the union to work not to keep going to meeting just to hear about were we are in getting our pension. We are in the business to and we as actors want the same chance to work as any one. On Glee there is a person in a wheelchair who doesn’t need it why can’t a real disabled person play that part? We as disabled performers need to stick together and stand up to the producers of these shows and tell them we want to work! We do not want to be on Government assisted we want the chance and expect the same chance to do so.

Thank You
Sandie Crisp

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