Thursday, February 16, 2012

one of my memories

Back in the Eighties I was one of the West Hollywood Club Kids , Back thin we had the oddyssie bar It was like Los Angeles Answer to Club 54 we had every one from the Hollwood Starr makers to the stars them selfies. It was one of those night I saw A person who broke my heart Kristy MacNichols who I was in love with as a child. I just started working there when see came in with her girlfriend they sat down and asked for a drink, I told Kristy That I would not sever her she asked why? I told her do you remember me she said no why sould I Took off my wig and said back when I was sixteen you gave me a wrong number. I tried to call you , but I guess I was not good enough for her to even be a friend. Thats when I knew Hollywood was unkind to people like me. Soon after that I meet her brother who told me her problem she only liked women well I told him I wanted to be a women, All my friends were transexuals. My mother said thats why you want to be one of those kind of people She said God dose'nt make misstakes he gave me two boys I tryed to tell her it has nothing to do with God I have known since I was 4 years old. So did my Grandmother when she tryed to tell my mother she called my grandmother crasy, you see my mother did not want to be wrong. So When People make fun of me and treat me like I am Not as good as them I say I was born the same way you were and I AM going to die the same way.

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