Friday, February 24, 2012

Spiritual Reckoning

Written By Rev. Sandie Crisp

Many of you think that just because you are saved that is all you need , No there is more. As a Christian you must see the power of the cross , When Jesus spoke to his disciples , he said who I am sending you someone who will Baptize you with fire . Well the Holy spirit is in fact the spirit of God (Jesus) to many people think it is just a spirit we have so see that God is still trying to talking to us . Now days ago the US military burned the Koran the Koran is in fact their version of the Bible I have read the Koran and it the same thing as our Bible . Today on SBN one of the teachers John Rosensteren said that the Koran was a fiction book Witch is not true it is their version of the Bible .I Feel that the world need to wake up the military doesn’t care if it is the Bible or any other religious book if they can cause conflict the only thing they want to do is to make people mad at the US. We need to let the leaders know if we want our religious freedoms thin we must let others , have theirs . The United States needs to respect others and as for our preachers they need to read other books other than the English version of the Bible . Jesus went to other lands after the crucifixion not just in the Eastern part of the world, Jesus went through out the world he appeared to all the land. He appeared to the antics as well as the Indians , speck about the great spirit early Hawaiian spoke of a grand spirit we must realize Jesus did not just speck to one race of people if you understand Jesus is God in the flesh he went out and told people about how he wanted us to act . Religion is just that they made Jesus into a business Christ is not , a thing to make money off of the church collects more money then the United States in come tax . And they are under a non- profit then why are they selling books CD Tapes and they make money. And while they preach they tell people how to vote on what is on the ballot Under the 501 C 3 IT states not to speak on anything that deals with any state issue the church is always trying to speak why isn’t the secretary of state. The church need to under stand that they are to preach on the word of God and stop Bragging on what they do ( Jesus ) said not to be a braggarts you are to be humble . Jesus did not go around telling people look what I did over in Cannon or any other part of the region He ( Jesus) did his fathers work with out prays Jesus only wanted you to love him and to realized that he is God. It says in Malachi we are to preach the gospel for free and to help others by giving to those who are poor! Not make a buck off of the word of God ….

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